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  • A Review Of Good To Go Insurance New Jersey

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    There are many insurance companies that provide insurance in New Jersey. For instance, you can take your insurance New Jersey search online to Let’s take a moment to review one company, Good To Go Insurance New Jersey.  Are they any good?  Let’s find out!


    What Is Good To Go Insurance?

    Good To Go insurance New Jersey is a provider of insurance.  Their claim to fame is that they provide very low insurance rates.  On their website, they advertise rates beginning at $19 a month.  Roughly $240 a year, this is far below what the average New Jersey resident will pay in terms of their car insurance.  Offering a free car insurance quote, Good To Go Insurance operates like any other auto insurance company.   It is beholden to the same rules and regulations that other auto insurance company must follow.

    There is a difference between “Good To Go” and “Good2Go” insurance.  Be aware of this difference.  Many people end up making mistakes and going for one insurance type when they meant the other assuming that they are the same thing.  Be aware that “Good2Go” is a well established auto insurance company with an A rating with the BBB.  Good To go is a much younger company that operates in New Jersey, as well as other states in and around the area.


    What Are People’s Experiences With Good To Go Insurance?

    Good To Go Insurance New Jersey has mixed reviews.  Many people are happy with how much they saved on their insurance costs.  Issues only came up when you had a problem, were in an accident, or otherwise had to work with their customer service.  Some people in accidents had a hard time getting Good To Go to pay out as they had promised according to the conditions of their contract.  While some of these were resolved well, it still represented a hassle on the part of the consumer.  There was also a people who had to access customer service to cancel an existing plan or fix payment options like credit card or amount taken out.  They found this to be quite challenging.


    Summing It Up

    In the end, Good To Go Insurance is good if you want to save money and do not mind putting up with an insurance company you may not be able to trust.  It may be risky, but if you are willing to put up with them then you may save a lot on yearly costs.

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